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Investing in real estate has never been easier! While other investments, namely the stock market, have been widely affected by the downturn in the economy, real estate has a proven record of being a solid investment in the long-term.

With the changing economy, prices have fallen and inventories have increased. This has resulted in one of the best “buyer’s markets” ever!
Our years of experience in both real estate investing and property management led  to the development of the RealtyPark program.
This 3-step program allows both novice and seasoned investors to take advantage of the current low prices, while building wealth.

    1. We assist you in your selection of a solid investment property and provide analysis to evaluate the long-term profitability.
    2. We conform to your budget and coordinate any repairs necessary to get the property “market ready”.
    3. We find and place qualified tenants and manage the investment for you for a cost efficient,  monthly flat fee.


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